My name is Li Jun Huang. I am a student at Virginia Tech class of 2019. I major in Computer Science and minor in Math and Cyber Security.

As of today, I am most comfortable on Java, with work experience and experience on school/personal projects. I have working/school experience on C#, C and Puppet, not in-depth, but enough to pick them up quickly for a new task. I also have work experience on basic Linux terminal command prompt, specifically RHEL ; on OpenStack platform for creating/managing servers; and on Git for basic work tasks.

I am currently learning Python, SQL and JavaScript, and am planning on to use them for some future projects. I am also learning HTML, CSS, and Amazon Web Service, creating and managing this website is an example.

I am really interested in Big Data and Cloud Computing. The technologies I am learning right now will set up a good foundation in pursuing these interests. I hope to have an internship or research opportunity related to these areas in the future.

Through this website, I hope to introduce myself in a more comprehensive way beyond the resume. Please let me know if you have any questions about me. My contact information is at the bottom.

Thank you!
Li Jun Huang